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    Environmental Septic Solutions is an experienced Ulster County, Town of Olive, West Shokan, New York company that repairs and installs new and replacement DEP approved residential and commercial septic systems.

    New York State has very specific requirements for septic tank installation especially in the New York City water shed area. Septic systems must be designed to fit the specific soil conditions of the site and surrounding area.

    Septic tanks are only one part of a on-site sewage disposal system that are used by residences or a businesses where municipal or community sewage disposal systems are not available. Every unit in the system must be installed correctly and inspected frequently to prevent back flow and costly repairs.

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    The Environmental Septic System is an efficient, inexpensive and convenient method for treating and disposing of household waste water. Not all soils are suited for a conventional septic system, so a comprehensive soil ans site investigation must be performed prior to your purchasing any land. An Environmental Septic System will absorb and purify waste water if it is properly maintained.

    A few precautions can save you anguish and a lot of money. Reducing water use, avoiding grease, and pumping your tank periodically are imperative.

    Proper landscaping of your yard will keep surface water away from your septic tank and drain field are inexpensive precautions that help assure your system a long life.

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    AEC Associates – Environmental Septic Solutions
    62 Bugher Road, West Shokan, NY 12494. 845-249-7550

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